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Get It Without Getting Up: Make the Libraries’ Online Resources Work for You
Room 204, Cooper Library

Need an article but can’t make it to the library? Dread trying to find a book in the stacks because the way they’re arranged makes no sense? Have a topic you have no idea how to begin researching? In this session, you’ll learn what online resources the Libraries have to make these tasks and others easier to accomplish.

Learn to do Research Like a LibrarianLibrary Training Logo
Room 204, Cooper Library

This session will give you a general Introduction to Library resources and services with an overview of research techniques and an introduction to searching Theses and Dissertation databases. It will also provide searching tips and tricks for Google Scholar and Google Books.

Industry Standards and Technical Reports for Engineering
Room 204, Cooper Library

In addition to books and journals, engineers and scientists consult a number of other resources in the process of conducting research and completing projects. Learn about the role of industry standards and technical reports, and see how this knowledge can assist you when you start looking for a job.

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