From Corporate to Cool

When I first walked into the Sigma Alpha Zeta Presentation Room (Room 201 in Cooper Library), I was a little taken aback by how intimidating the room was. The tables were curved in at the ends, making whoever was at these seats the center of attention. The room screamed board meeting, presentation, and cold corporate boardroom. After a while, I started fiddling around with the technology in the room, which was more inviting.

SAZroomsmThe room features seating for 14 people, a camera that can be adjusted at your will, two TVs, and a white board. A touch screen pad near the back left hand corner of the room controls all of this technology. The touch screen pad by the podium was cool because it is basically the control center of the room. From this control panel, you can do practically everything you need: record presentations, attach your computer or electronic device, show PowerPoints and images, and focus the built in camera on whatever you want.

I feel like if more students and teachers knew about this room, they would be able to use it for projects and presentations. The traditional classroom setting is usually intimidating for most students. When they have to present projects or share speeches with others, the enclosed space of the classroom means that all eyes will be on them. In the SAZ room, students or presenters are gathered around a table instead of organized into tight rows. This room provides a more intimate setting, and thoughts flow easily because all of the technology is so accessible.

The room can turn from a cold, corporate boardroom to a cool student hangout for study sessions, exam break activities, and even movie showings. The room has a lot of great potential because it is so easy to navigate. I think that anyone would find it fun and convenient to use.

There are so many great resources like this one in Cooper Library that many people have no idea are available to them. Rooms like this one are no secret, you just have to get out and explore for yourself!

The SAZ Room is reservable any time of day by students only.

(This review of the SAZ Room was written by Riley Fontenot and Ashley Jamison.)

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