How to Become an Oscar-Winning Director for Free

oscar.gifAs the marketing interns for Cooper libraries, it’s our job to market programs and develop strategies for engaging with Clemson students, faculty, and staff. One of our most recent projects involved filming a video to exhibit the quality we look for in a service experience. We were afraid at first, but we learned enough from working in the library to figure out how to access and use equipment. So next time you have a major video project for class or want to become the next Quentin Tarantino, don’t freak out! These tips will definitely help you.

Now I know what you’re thinking: There’s no way I can make an amazing Oscar-worthy video in the library. And you’d be right! Your video probably won’t be as good as ours, but with the tools available in Coop, it can come pretty close.

First. . .do you even know about all the amazing equipment we have for filming in Coop? We have Sony Handycam Digital 8 Camcorders, Flip Video Digital Camcorders, and even professional Nikon SLR and Canon Rebel SLR cameras. You can even use this online reservation form to reserve one before your big project comes up. If your project is spur of the moment, all you need is your CUID to check available equipment out from the Circulation Desk on the 4th floor.

So, now you’ve got your camera. What next? Well, the cameras come with memory cards, chargers, and USB and HDMI cords if necessary, to display and transfer your masterpiece. You can always make additional copies of your files to save on the desktop or a flash drive for easy access, or upload to YouTube and Vimeo straight from a computer in Coop!

So, you’ve got your footage, and now you need help with editing? Cooper Macs are equipped with Adobe Premiere Pro and if you aren’t ready for that — iMovie and other editing software. You can even download a Final Cut Pro trial for 30 days for Mac or PC! CCIT holds classes from time to time on this software and there are also plenty of free PDFs, YouTube videos, and documents direct from the source.

If you’re totally unaware of how these programs work, stay tuned for the upcoming opening of our Media Center in Room 412, which will have available references and trainers to help you with similar projects very soon.

Finally, ask a staff member to help you schedule an appointment with an Adobe trainer, or put you in contact with someone that can help you!

Be sure to thank us in your acceptance speech next year!

Written by Riley Fontenot & Ashley Jamison

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