Researcher of the Month – Dr. Lisa G. Rapaport

rapaport head shotResearcher of the Month – Dr. Lisa G. Rapaport

Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
Dr. Rapaport studies the golden lion tamarin and has published articles about its behavioral ecology and conservation biology (among other topics). She also teaches courses on topics such as anthropology, primatology, and the evolution of human behavior.

Never heard of a golden lion tamarin? Here’s what one looks like!tamarin
Photo by Jeroen Kransen

In addition to her research contributions, Dr. Rapaport was nominated because she “recommends books and articles to her students based on interests they express in her classes” and encourages students to find additional resources on their own.

When asked her favorite spot on campus, Dr. Rapaport said it is the Natural History Museum. Located near Cooper Library and the Reflection Pond, The Bob and Betsy Campbell Museum maintains a vertebrate collection for use in teaching and research plus an herbarium with local, regional, and international flora.

When asked what the Library has done for her lately, Dr. Rapaport responded: One wonderful thing was that the library agreed to subscribe to the online database “All the World’s Primates,” which has been very helpful to me and my students and, because it is a nonprofit, the subscription promotes primate conservation. Yay. Another thing is the help the librarians give to the students of my Evolution of Human Behavior class. One of the assignments of the class is a series of detailed bibliographic searches. Students often report back to me that the librarians guided them through the assignment and that the assistance was invaluable. Thanks so much!

Current students, faculty, and staff of Clemson University are eligible for recognition. For more information about the program and the nomination form, visit our Researcher of the Month LibGuide.

–Diana Finkle

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